Siamese Cats Price in Pakistan

Siamese Cats Price in Pakistan is 10,000 to 30,000.

Maine Coons are considered big cats and weigh about 10-18 pounds. They reach their full size in about 4-5 years. Their average life span is the same as that of Persian cats i.e. 10-15 years They have a smooth rugged, shady fur coat with large golden, blue, green or copper eyes. Their eyes can be Bi-Colored or Odd coloured or even White.

They have a beautiful furry tail while the furr cat on their shoulder is shorter as compared to that on their britches and stomach. They usually have a brown tabby pattern but can be found in other colours and patterns too such as solid red, black and white colours too and as bi-colour; red & white or blue & white and patterns like calico and tortoiseshell.

They don’t mind getting dressed up and they are human-friendly cats but aren’t very fond of sitting in laps but love to stay around and follow you. These cats love to chase moving objects. These cats are very smart and intelligent with a curious nature.


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