Persian Cat

Persian Cats price in Pakistan

Persian Cats’ price in Pakistan is 5000 to 60,000.

Persian Cats

If you are looking for an adorable, furry, quiet, and beautiful pet, the Persian cat is your best choice. They are highly furry with beautiful eyes and a beautiful doll face with friendly behavior but their hairs shed a lot hence can be harmful for those having fur allergy. Persian cats are afraid of a loud environment and shouldn’t be kept if your residence is near busy and rushy areas and roads. Persian cats demand high maintenance and grooming.

They have short legs and cannot jump in high places and are perfectly fine with the area defined for them. They usually maintain eye contact and give charming expressions. They keep their love and affection for their family members and do not disturb them while working and wait for them to get free and interact with them.

They love sitting in laps and cuddling with their family members. They don’t like and eat human food including milk and meat but are comfortable with any of the indoor cat meals. White triple-coated is the most expensive Persian cat in Pakistan. They weigh between 7-12 pounds and have a lifespan of up to 15 years and are available in double and triple coats and require proper health care.

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