Khao Manee Price in Pakistan

Khao Manee Price in Pakistan is 10,000 to 40,000.

Khao Manee is also known as Diamond eye cats. They are well known for their unique eye colour that varies from blue, green, gold and odd eye colours. Khao Manee cats with odd eyes are very beautiful, precious and have an eye-catching effect. Khao Manee is originated from Thailand and is known as a symbol of good luck and good fortune amongst the people of Thailand.

They are very attractive, affectionate, communicative and friendly and can be recognised by their cute extra-attractive eyes and beautiful white snowy fur with pink lips, nose and paw pads. They love to cuddle and sleep with their owners and get what they want by making loud noises.

These cats have long athletic legs and love to play different games and have fun with their owners. Some of these cats are born deaf, due to a gene responsible for the white colouration of fur, which causes damage to the cochlea. These cats have less hair fall and usually do not require much grooming as they have short hair. They are friendly and ideal for any home.



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