Labrador Retriever Price in Pakistan

Labrador Retriever Price in Pakistan is Rs.25,000 to Rs.40,000.

The Labrador Retriever, or simply Labrador, is a breed of retrieving gun dog native to Great Britain. It was called after the Labrador region of the island of Newfoundland and was developed in the United Kingdom using fishing dogs brought from that colony, which is now a province of Canada. It is among the most popular breeds of dogs kept in a number of nations, notably in the West.

Height Male: 57–62 cm
Female: 55–60 cm
Average lifespan 10 – 12 years
Origin Newfoundland (Canada)
Nature Guard dog, patient, aggressive (only when provoked), energetic
Colors Black, Chocolate, Yellow

The Labrador is a friendly, active, and lively dog. Although popularly kept as a companion dog, it was bred as a sporting and hunting dog. Additionally, it could be taught to operate as a therapy or rescue dog, a guide dog, or an aid dog.

The success rate of Labrador Retrievers as guide dogs has been demonstrated to be very high. They demand particular care and love from their owners. A sea name Labrador also exists (no wonder they love water). They consume a lot of food. The sense of smell is excellent in labradors.

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