Bengal Cats Price in Pakistan

Bengal Cats Price in Pakistan is 5,000 to 15,000.

These are the most common type of cats and also known as jungle cats due to their appearance. They have athletic features with strong muscles. These are highly smart, energetic, intelligent, funny, confident, active and human-friendly cats but are always alert.

They are fun-loving and love to play games but when bored can cause damage and destruction to furniture and can scratch humans too. They live happily both indoor and outdoor. A Bengal cat can be converted into a house cat very easily and this breed loves to share your bed. If lost, search them at the highest points of your home as they love heightened places.

They have short hairs and can be easily groomed and their average life span is about 11 to 17 years. These cats hardly sit for a long moment and are always on a mission of doing something. These cats need routinely nails trimming and ear cleaning as well.

It doesn’t matter whichever breed of cat you choose, make sure you provide them with the proper diet, vaccination, grooming, love, and care.


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